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Welcome owners of JAHNEL KESTERMANN gearboxes!

Stork Gears & Services proudly announces that Jahnel-Kestermann GmbH i.L. (Ja-Ke) has nominated Stork Gears & Services B.V. to act as their exclusively authorized service company for Ja-Ke products beginning in February, 2016.

This aims at establishing a continuous support of Ja-Ke customers in the future. Providing service for Ja-Ke products is not entirely new for Stork Gears & Services considering its well proven experience as an independent service company for more than 4,000 different types and brands of gearboxes.

Drawings and Intellectual Property

Stork Gears & Services will use most of Ja-Ke’s Intellectual Property and provide professional service to Ja-Ke customers for every segment such as Maritime, Industry and Wind application.


Furthermore, Stork Gears & Services is expanding its team of senior service engineers, sales managers and design engineers with Ja-Ke background in order to further smooth its service toward Ja-Ke customers.

Therefore we invite all Ja-Ke customers to establish or redirect their service relationship from Ja-Ke to Stork Gears & Services. Please leave your contact details or call +31 88 089 1110 to get the right service for your Ja-Ke gearboxes!

JAHNEL KESTERMANN gearbox repair, maintenance & overhaul

Through the years Stork Gears & Services has inspected, repaired and modified a great number of Jahnel Kestermann gearboxes, take a look at the list of repaired Jahnel Kestermann gearbox types:

View our complete gearbox repair list

Stork Gears & Services is a specialized gearbox repair company. As an independent repair company, we overhaul all sorts of gearboxes and related drive types. We are active in high-demand market segments (marine, industry), where our customers expect the fastest response in order to minimize downtime costs. We therefore offer worldwide gearbox support for 24 hours a day. We work in continuous shifts 7 days a week, always providing our customers the fastest gearbox repair. Over the years, we have established a reputation for combining quality with unparalleled speed.

Stork is an independent service supplier and is not bound by contractual relationships with any OEM.

Gearbox services

Official OEM for Ja-Ke, Kuypers, Brevo, Rademakers and Conrad gearboxes

Gearbox maintenance

Oil analysis
Root Cause Failure Analysis
Vibration analysis

Recent project: Inspection and repair of Jahnel-Kestermann propulsion gearbox PGV 1060-450

During one of their voyages the crew of the container vessel m/v Delta Hamburg noticed abnormal vibrations. They opened up the inspection covers of the propulsion gearbox and found damaged teeth of the input shaft.

Because Stork gears & services was able to send a service engineer very quickly, Stork SGS was invited on board the m/v Delta Hamburg to conduct a more extensive gearbox inspection. 

After removing the inspection cover it became clear that one teeth of the input gear was almost broken out of the shaft, the cracks ran through the complete root of the teeth on both sides. Also the teeth before and after the broken teeth were cracked for almost the whole length of the teeth.

Furthermore one teeth of the pinion shaft had a piece broken out in the middle of the teeth.

After the onsite inspection it became clear that the input pinion shaft needed to be renewed. The bullgear was also subject of further inspection and MPI (crack) tests.

For regrinding and geometrical checks we preferred to have the complete gearbox in our workshop in Rotterdam. An additonal benefit of having the complete gearbox in our workshop is that we are able to perform a testrun before we send it back to the customer.

During visual inspection it became clear that one teeth of the input gear was severly damaged.

One teeth of the input gear was almost broken out of the shaft, the cracks ran through the complete root of the teeth on both sides.

The output shaft was in quite a good condition. All bearing faces were according to requirements. The gears on the output gearwheel showed some irregularities. Some small marks were found in the middle of the teeth and some minor fretting was observed on the top ends of the teeth.

Transport to Rotterdam

After the inspection it was decided it was best to ship the entire gearbox in one piece, including the casing, to the SGS workshop in Rotterdam.

To dismount and transport the gearbox safely, weighing approximately 23.000 kg, it was necessary to torch a hole in the hull of the vessel.

Location Sint Petersburg, Russia
Workshop SGS Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Total completion time Inspection date:       03-11-2010
Ready for transport: 10-12-2010 (scheduled)
Market segment Shipping, container vessel
Equipment Propulsion gearbox
Jahnel-Kestermann, type PGV 1060-450
Input power max 9000 kW
Total weight: approx. 23.000 kg

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