Corrosion mapping

Corrosion mapping

Stork has the equipment and expertise to detect corrosion in steel storage tanks, pressure vessels and piping in the oil and gas industries. With a robotic crawler for example, we can scan a whole tank which is digitally recorded. This inspection can often be carried out without the need to take the installation out of operation.

How we add value:

  • High data integrity
  • Real time access to inspection data
  • Analysis of the data by our specialists during and after the inspection
  • Can be used without special access systems (e.g. scaffolding, rope access)
  • 2 scan widths of 600 and 300 mm and can be used on pipes from Ø152 mm
  • No interference with welds or coatings
  • Cost-effective

Our team of level 3 NDT technicians is available to advise you on the best method for your project.

Please have a look at our downloads for the application of the various testing methods (see below).


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Corrosion mapping